Big Table Supper Club

A different way to eat

FEAST. connect. Inspire.



NEWS! Big Table Supper Club will be back in 2019!

We are currently looking for new hosting locations and reworking our events to be a more interactive experience. Say Tuned!


Welcome to the table.

The idea behind Big Table Supper Club is simple but a little quirky. It's a food adventure at one big table where everyone eats together. The club brings together the fearless to eat, connect and have a great time.

Bringing the new worldwide trend of Supper Clubs to Sydney, Big Table Supper Club is a new way to dine. It's the friendly feeling of a dinner party with the buzz of a night out. Each event is unique, with no repetitive menus or timed seatings. Bring a few friends and meet a few new ones!

Big Table Supper Club Chef, Cat Dorsen, aims to bring you adventurous great tasting food and welcomes all intrepid diners to come and eat together, not apart!

Each BT dinner explores a different theme.  The menu will not be revealed until the end of the meal so you have no preconception of taste.  Each flavour is to be enjoying as a surprise and savoured. Perfect for those that struggle to pick from the menu!



"As a Londoner I've always though our underground "Super Clubs" would go down well in Sydney. And now someone has risen to the challenge!"


"No preconceptions, no expectations, just great company, a minimalist space for you to create your own memorable evening.

They're on to something here and Chef Cat Dorsen comes out after each course weaving in her perfect charm as the food story of the night unravels before you."


"Brilliant night of exotic aromatic delicious line up of love, dedication and inspiration. Loved every dish you prepared." 

- Issac Hananiah

"This is what I like to call The Social Experiment. What a unique experience to be a part of. So, you may ask - What is the social experiment? Well let me set the scene. It is a warehouse in Sydney, with a closed off room, one big table, 16 strangers getting together and enjoying a secret meal, where the menu is not revealed until the dish come out to the table. No distractions of the outside world, no TV’s, no time to spend on your phone. No time to be anti-social at this event. It’s about meeting new people, enjoying a wonderful five course meal, guessing which ingredients the Chef has used for each dish, and sipping on some beautiful wine. A concept born overseas, and now hitting our shores. Nothing but warmth and love from the hosts Chef Catherine, Susie and Toni."